Posted by: genomescience | December 20, 2011

E. coli

E. coli

IGS Cracks Genome Code of Deadly German E. Coli Outbreak

In May of 2011 a large outbreak of E. coli, that was later demonstrated to be associated with food products, was rapidly expanding across Europe. Greater than 300 people were sickened, over 900 were hospitalized for the syndrome known as hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) and 34 people were fatally infected. An international group of scientists from the United States and Denmark worked together to use third-generation single-molecule real-time DNA sequencing to determine the complete genome sequence of the German outbreak….

IGS Press release

YouTube interview with Dr. David Rasko, PI at IGS

Pacific Biosciences press release about their work with E. coli research

New England Journal of Medicine article on the Origins of the E. coli Strain Causing an Outbreak of Hemolytic–Uremic Syndrome in Germany


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